Frequently asked questions

Sorry no, we are a service company. We can provide any parts when we repair your equipment, but not individually.

Yes, we are fully insured to collect and repair, and work on-site in homes and businesses.

No, we thoroughly remove all infections and optimise for speed and efficiency. This process normally takes 5-6 hours and wouldn’t be economically viable to carry out on-site. You should be vary of providers that claim to remove viruses within a short space of time. First appearances may seem to indicate the computer is virus-free.

We can accept payment by credit/debit card – Visa / Master Card / Maestro / America Express via Paypal (before delivery), or we can accept cash on delivery. We do not deliver equipment without agreement on payment.  Regular business contracts are to be paid via Direct Debit. Please see our full terms and conditions here.

Relax… These messages are nasty scams that have affected THOUSANDS of internet users.   We can remove these types of virus / malware, more importantly you should NOT PAY ANY MONEY to remove these types of messages.  The operators are extortionists who will more than likely not stop at just one payment request.  We can help, our service is confidential and fast. Just contact us.

Yes, on the rare occasion we cannot repair your equipment because our engineers do not possess the knowledge to repair, or replacement parts are unavailable, then it will be returned to you free of charge. Please see our full terms and conditions here.

That depends on the problem, please contact us with a brief description and you will be notified if it is possible. Our charge is £70 per-hour on-site (minimum 2hrs) with the two hours paid in advance. To reduce costs we would suggest opting for the collect-and-repair service (where possible), as this is a fixed fee service.

No, we operate on a collect and repair basis, though we do have a drop-off point in the city of London (on appointment)

We offer two (fixed service fee) levels of service, emergency 24hr or 2-3 working day repair.  If you opt for the emergency service and it is delayed past 24hrs, then your service will be downgraded to the standard service cost. Please see our prices list

A representative will discuss the problem and arrange a convenient time and place for a courier to collect the equipment. Our service is very flexible and we can arrange collection and delivery at different times and locations throughout London.