SAS Drive replacement at Lime St EC3


Insurance company

Organisation size

Operates in 100 countries worldwide


Lime Street, London

Project Briefing

Engineer was assigned the task to increase server capacity by installing 2x SAS drives.

Project Tasks

  • A ticket raised with RBT help desk with project briefing from central IT support (located in Spain)
  • Client arranged delivery of SAS drives to location
  • Engineer attended site and met with office manager to obtain SAS drives for install
  • Engineer informed central IT before commencing works
  • Photos were taken of all stages (before installation, during installation and installation completion)
  • Notified central IT support of project completion
  • Central IT confirmed successful installation (via remote management of server)
  • Received sign-off signature from office manager
  • Notified central IT support before leaving site
  • Project completed


  • Works completed during office hours (care taken not to cause server reboot)


* images have been modified to obscure any confidential information



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