IT Installations at the Lloyd’s register building


Reinsurance company

Organisation size

250+ users globally | 40 users in London


Fenchurch Street, London

Project Briefing

The client purchased a floor in the Lloyd’s Register building.  Our purpose was to manage the IT installations of third-party companies and report back to central IT in Zurich.  This occurred whilst the premises were being renovated.  Once renovated, we were tasked with the installation of IT equipment.

Project Tasks

  • Attended site ‘shell’ for initial briefing and notification of project scope
  • Help desk tickets created, keeping track of engineer time for each site visit
  • Liaised with multiple vendors and the site manager to coordinate deliveries / installations
  • Continually notified central IT of progress using live video, pictures, email, phone calls, etc.
  • Advised central IT of problems that occurred during installations (and non-technical issues)
  • Attended briefings and abided by health and safety rules during renovation
  • Organised useful equipment at the previous premises and recycled any items not required
  • Used a methodological approach to desk installation of monitors, cables, docking stations, keyboards and mice
  • Tested and ‘signed-off’ each desk configuration (including network connectivity, monitors, etc.)
  • Works completed during weekends to minimise disruption of the working day


  • Regular power cuts due to electrical works
  • Problems with deliveries requiring collection from loading bay
  • Equipment requiring power cycling during non-working hours / weekends


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